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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does your service compare to TrueCar's?
    I used to use True Car 7 years ago for my clients when it was still good and consumer-oriented. Since then, dealers have learned how to manipulate the system to draw you into their doors through a number of classic foot-in-foor techniques. I've ditched these sites since then and learned the real numbers by working directly with General Sales Managers/Fleet Departments of dealerships. The prices I give are accurate and true.
  • What about other car buying services like Costco's?
    Car buying programs like Costco's seem attractive but these are just pre-negotiated discounts arranged with local dealerships. You can beat those deals if you were to walk into a dealership yourself. Are they easy to use? Not exactly. You still have to go to the dealership to retrieve your price and will still have to face potential up-sells and bait-and-switches. Are their discounts the best? Absolutely not. Their discounts are "good," but not the "best".
  • Can I purchased extended warrenties and extra protection?
    Yes. I get discounted rates for extended warranties, Gap, and extra coverage. I also won't pressure you to buy any of these extra's.
  • Will my local dealer honor the car's warrenty and want to service my car?
    Yes and yes. Manufacturer warranties are nation-wide warranties that are honored at all respective dealerships. Also, it's in a dealership's best interest to increase their service-business so they will gladly service your car. Fun fact - many dealerships make more money from their service centers than they do from their sales arm.
  • Can I really spend as little as 55 minutes?
    Yes. It's been done before a number of times. When you know which car you want and there are no hiccups with credit approval, you can spend less than an hour spending time to shop due to our ability to quote all makes & models instantly and consult you based on your wants and needs.
  • Will your pricing be better than what I can get?
    Yes. Local dealers are tasked to make front-to-end profit to cover all their bills and overhead. I work efficiently and remotely to pass on the savings to you. I will beat any local dealer's price.
  • What are your fees?
    There are no fees. My commission is built into the price of the car - and you'll still pay less for your car than what a dealership charges you. Delivery is free.
  • How is my car delivered?
    Depending on the region you live in combined with the location of the dealership your car is coming from, your car is delievered either by driver or a transport truck. Both your car and the driver or truck are insured at this time. This is also how cars are delievered to dealerships.
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