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We are a new-car leasing & buying service allowing you to skip the dealer, 

access insider discounts, & have your car delivered to your door... like a boss.


Car Shopping Wastes Time & Money

You fight for discounts, combat sales shenanigans, & sit for hours.

Instead, invest your time & money into the things you love.

Here's how we change the game:

Access to all Makes & Models

Using Traditional Methods

You shop one brand at a time, going from dealer to dealer.

Our Solution

You shop any make and model with us instantly. Get the car that's best for you.

Quotes with Insider Discounts

Using Traditional Methods

You fight for your deals and miss out on potential discounts.

Our Solution

You take advantage of our insider discounts & access to all rebates to beat dealer pricing.

Time for What You Love

Using Traditional Methods

You lose 20-25 hrs shopping, negotiating, & sitting in dealerships.

*stat provided by

Our Solution

You spend as little as 55 minutes from front to end and leave the rest to us. Your car is delivered right to your driveway.

Stress-free Process

Using Traditional Methods

You are pressured into making decisions that are not best for you.

Our Solution

You are in full control of a transparent & simple experience.


Stephen spent the time to understand exactly what I was looking for.  He was transparent throughout the entire process and gave the best lease quotes. This was one of the easiest transactions I've ever had. I'll definitely be a repeat customer.”

Gabe L.

Cadillac Escalade

It was the best car buying experience ever! Transparent pricing, no sales shenanigans and the best part... I didn't have to step foot in a dealership.”

Mary T.

Mazda 3

"Stephen saved me thousands of dollars and was quick to communicate with me. I didn't need to put my life at a halt to car shop and I'm convinced this is the best way to car shop."

Mike L.

Porsche Macan

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Yelp rating

5/5  since 2012


How It Works

You contact us about your desired car.


You accept your best deal.

You sign paperwork.

(5-10 minutes)

Enjoy your new ride... like a boss.

We seek your credit approval & rates.

We locate your exact car.

We present you a

no-obligation quote.

We prepare & deliver paperwork to you for signing.

We set up your car insurance.

We deliver your new car to you.

We personally consult you with years of product knowledge and knowledge of the best deals on the market.

Fun Fact #1

Last year, our clients saved an average of 11% off MSRP (as much as 23% off).

Fun Fact #2

Last year, our clients spent an average of 2.5 hours from start to finish (as little as 55 minutes).


Q. Can I really spend as little as 55 minutes?

A. Yes. It’s been done before a number of times. When you know which car you want and there are no hiccups with credit approval, you can spend less than an hour spending time to shop due to our ability to quote all makes & models instantly and consult you based on your wants and needs.

Q. What are your fees?

A. There are no fees. My commission is built into the price of the car- and you’ll still pay less for your car than what a dealership charges you. Delivery is free.

Q. What makes you an expert in the car industry?

A. Our backgrounds are in clergy and the hospitality industry and we've spent the last seven years refining the car buying experience for consumers. We have zero experience working in a car dealership- and we believe this is one of our best strengths and attributes. We incorporate a different set of values to provide you, not only a car, but an enjoyable experience that creates more time and money for you to enjoy the things you love.


"Car shopping is like being stuck in a corn maze while needing to use a bathroom. Stephen not only gives you the map, he takes you on his back and carries you out using all the short cuts."

 Eddie S

Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Team


Founder & Personal Consultant

Husband. Father. Hide-and-seek master. Michigan Wolverine. Car geek extraordinaire. Tire-tread police. Loves wife, kids, and older BMW M cars.


Marketing & Design

Wife. Mother. Chocolate chip banana muffin maker. Toy manager. Meticulous-yet-efficient-design-aficionado. Loves the hubs, kiddos and quiet getaways.