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NEW! OMRON CX-ONE V4.27 Multilanguage (2013)


OMRON CX-ONE v4.27 Multilanguage (2013)

Version 4.27 is also integrated with the multilingual function. References External links Category:Mentor Corporation products Category:Industrial automation Category:Programmable logic controllersIBM Big Blue, the company that brought us Watson, is taking the battle against cancer even further. The company announced today that it has teamed up with Stony Brook University's Center for Computational Sciences to create a new powerful supercomputer, capable of running the most advanced cancer research. The main goal of the newly developed IBM System for Advanced Research Computing (SARC) supercomputer is to facilitate the development of cancer therapies. "Deep research is necessary to develop new therapies for cancer and other diseases," Stephen Goldwasser, IBM Fellow, said in a press release. "To help catalyze the next generation of scientific research for curing diseases, we are thrilled to collaborate with the Center for Computational Sciences at Stony Brook University to create the first IBM System for Advanced Research Computing designed specifically to make advanced research discoveries possible." The new supercomputer will be located at Stony Brook University and will be connected to researchers at both institutions. IBM has committed to giving the center an amount of computing power equal to 250,000 laptops. An academic, by its very nature, is often better at research than business. Academic institutions, however, are often not positioned well to capitalize on innovation. In the case of IBM, its plan is to transform an existing system into a more powerful, more distributed environment that can support the research of students, professors and staff at Stony Brook. "IBM's relentless focus on transformative technologies and how they can be used to improve people's lives provides us with a tremendous competitive advantage in the area of research computing," Center Director and professor Deborah Estrin said. "By investing in advanced research computing, IBM is helping us transform ourselves from lab to marketplace." The new system will be able to manage several petabytes of data, and will be able to crunch through mountains of research data generated by social scientists, educators and neuroscientists. So far, IBM has put in nearly $100 million in the creation of the new system and has already received $10 million in commitments for the new system. "[IBM] has been a vital partner in the Center for Computational Sciences' success in attracting world-class researchers to Stony Brook University and has helped bring the critical computing research needed to

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NEW! OMRON CX-ONE V4.27 Multilanguage (2013)

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